Energy Audit for Kansas City (MO) Residents

An energy audit is, a comprehensive analysis of your home's performance characteristics.  We gather data from your home and build a computer model (Energy Audit) of your home based on that data, we are able to identify the areas (in your home) that are costing you the most money and comfort.

GreenWise Consulting is a certified auditor for the Metropolitan Energy Center (MEC) and the Department of Natural Resources. What does this mean to you? Our energy audit performed for you will qualify you for several rebate and incentive programs in Missouri. GreenWise Consulting will detail which programs you would qualify for so you can make informed, organized decisions on what action to take next. We will walk you through any paperwork that is required so that you can receive all the rebates and incentives you are entitled to.

We can help you receive hundreds of dollars
in credits from KCPL and MGE!

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® is a collaboration between Missouri Gas Energy, KCPL, and the Kansas City Metropolitan Energy Center sponsored by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. This program is designed to help homeowners assess the total energy efficiency of their homes through a professional home energy audit from a certified auditor. This audit will provide you with a comprehensive list of home improvements you can make to become more efficient, save money, and be more comfortable. With help from MGE and KCP&L, you can offset some of the costs associated with the audit and qualifying home improvements.

STEP 1 … Contact GreenWise Consulting, a certified HPwES auditor

STEP 2 … Request a Home Performance audit

STEP 3 … Select one of the qualifying improvements you wish to implement

STEP 4 … Install improvement

STEP 5 … Receive post-installation analysis to verify improvements have been made

STEP 6 … Complete and return the Rebate Application form

STEP 7 … Receive the appropriate amount in bill credits from both MGE and KCP&L GreenWise Consulting (Certified Energy Auditor) is here for you to ensure you know how to get these rebates. Available to Missouri customers only.

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Do you know why you need an energy audit on your home?

Most likely, your home was built at a time when energy costs were relatively low and little consideration was given to energy efficiency. The good news is that we now have far superior materials, techniques and understanding, of how our homes can become efficient. Older Homes Save More.

Due to the natural settling of the ground, exposure to the elements, deterioration of building materials, and the development of modern energy efficient materials, older homes are less energy efficient than newer homes – so owners of older homes can benefit even more from a home energy audit by a Certified Energy Auditor.

If your home is more than 25 years old, you will save an average of 35% on your energy bills. And if your home is more than 50 years old, that percentage goes up to 38 %. Even if your home is just over 10 years old, there is a good chance that it's losing energy.

I know what your home needs. Do you?

Having an energy audit conducted on your home by a professional, qualified energy auditor in Kansas City can be an eye opening event. We can locate energy waste, health hazards and potential savings and comfort. Our certified auditors use state-of-the-art technology to isolate and diagnose the source of energy efficiency problems and comfort in your home. We eliminate the guess work and equip you with the facts you need to informed choices on any energy improvements.

You need to know who to hire to conduct your energy audit.

Why should you hire GreenWise Consulting? Experience. I have 25 years of designing and building hundreds of homes. I know houses. I also know how to inspect, diagnose and improve the areas of your home that are waiting right now for someone to pay attention to them. We have helped hundreds of home owners to feel more comfortable, improve the safety in their home, and of course realize energy savings through our comprehensive energy audits.

Your home is likely to be the single biggest investment you will ever make. The problem is the cost of owning a house is constantly increasing. GreenWise Consulting Energy Audits Services can assist you in taking control over some of those costs and in the process make your home more comfortable and increase your home’s value. With our comprehensive whole-house audit approach we can pinpoint how much energy you are currently using and more importantly, how much energy you should be using.

Our certified auditors use state-of-the-art technology to isolate and diagnose the source of energy efficiency problems and comfort in your home. We eliminate the guess work and equip you with the facts you need to informed choices on any energy improvements.

“I was impressed with the way GreenWise Consulting took care of all the necessary paperwork that I needed to file. They took care of it all and all I had to do was to begin enjoying saving each month!”…Tom B. Leawood KS

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Kansas City’s (KC) GreenWise Consulting Energy Audits Service area in Missouri includes – Raytown, Independence, Lee’s Summit, Longview, Blue Springs, Belton, Raymor, Grandview, Waldo, Greenwood, and all cities in Kansas City Metropolitan Area.

Don’t wait to discover how you can increase your home’s comfort, lower your energy bills, and achieve an energy efficient home.

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Kansas City Home Energy Audit Process

What happens at my home energy audit?

An energy audit is the critical starting point in understanding the correlation between how much energy your home is currently using and how much it should be using. A thorough energy audit, like those provided by GreenWise Consulting (Kansas City Certified Energy Auditor), will provide a cost/benefit analysis for every savings opportunity identified. Once the audit is completed, you will receive a detailed summary of the results. Your report will highlight any problems or opportunities to save energy we encountered; along with recommendations on what actions you should take to correct them.

Here are the simple steps to the GreenWise Consulting Energy Audit process:

Step 1 Client Interview
During your interview, our Kansas City Certified Auditor collects as much background information as possible about your home. No one knows the daily lifestyle and running of your home like you do. If there are any existing problems that you are aware of, they will be noted for further inspection.

Step 2 Outdoor Inspection
The outdoor inspection examines all the exterior aspects of the house. A thorough assessment is made of the doors, windows, overhangs, skylights and outdoor cooling equipment. We measure the entire exterior of your home from walls to windows and doors. This allows us to recreate a model of your home using sophisticated software to make recommendations for improvements. We also take note of what is adjacent to the perimeter of the home. This includes looking at your home’s orientation to the Sun and any vegetation that affects shade and windbreak.

Step 3 Indoor Inspection
The examination of this area includes: thermostat, furnace, water heater, basement wall and band joist insulation, ducts for sealing and insulation, window sealing and locking and glazing, weather stripping for doors and windows, and overall character of all appliances. We enter the attic and examine the attic hatch seals, canned lighting, attic insulation, and ventilation and sealing of perforations in the ceiling below the attic.

Step 4 Blower Door Test
The blower door test entails the use of specialized diagnostic equipment to measure the air tightness of the house. The blower door test uses a powerful calibrated fan to depressurize the entire house and then check the rate at which air reenters the building through unsealed cracks and other openings in the building envelope. This data is collected and used to establish how much of the total air inside your home leaks out and is replaced with outside air every hour. During this test, our trained auditor will be able to walk you throughout your home pointing out air leakage while explaining why it is leaking. By correcting the air leakage pathways uncovered by the blower door test, we can reduce the uncomfortable drafts, reduce utility costs and provide healthier indoor air quality.

Step 5 Review Results
Your Kansas City Certified Energy Auditor will review the preliminary findings with you, giving you a general idea as to what improvements you can make to your home. Within one week, you’ll receive a more detailed report by email. Your audit summary will identify problems to be corrected along with possibilities for energy savings. Your audit report will have recomm1endations for specific improvements to make, along with an estimated cost of doing the work, and how long those improvements will take to pay back your investment through energy savings. By having a professional Kansas City Certified Energy Auditor perform your home energy audit, and by making qualifying energy efficiency improvements, you can qualify for a number of rebates and tax incentives offered by the federal and state government, and local utility companies. GreenWise Consulting Energy Audit Services will detail which of these programs you would qualify for so you can make an informed, organized decision on what actions to take next.